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Embroidery digitizing

Embroidery digitizing requires specific expertise, comprehensive experience, boundless creativity and full professional commitment on behalf the embroidery designers.

We are proud to be team-oriented company relying on dedicated and highly motivated specialists with more than 14 years experience in the field of developing machine embroidery.

Our chief embroidery designer Alexander Kanchev tops the list of the best professionals in this field not only in Bulgaria but also in Europe. The numerous awards received by him at international competitions in Germany, Holland and other countries credited his professional attainments.

Our experienced and flexible team is a guarantee for developing embroidery projects of the highest quality, which is an important factor for the further efficiency of the manufacturing process.

What we could offer you is the development of dedicated technological design important for your seamless business operation. The only information that we need is the exact proportions of the desired piece of embroidery and the materials used. Then, we would be happy to suggest you the exact types of thread and needles that would guarantee excellent embroidery results.

It is far from professional to claim that any embroidery design can be applied on any fabric and finally obtain equally brilliant embroidery results. What we could offer you is a free correction of the model: certain alterations concerning the thickness and design concept of the embroidery work.

Our company utilizes own high technology embroidery machines. All embroidery models are tested on the machines and samples are produced.

Come and entrust us with the pleasure to embroider your dreams! We are capable of meeting crucial deadlines with high quality results! We will save your money and time! Doing business with us is easy and rewarding!